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Vera Klippan AB has worked with glassfibre-reinforced polyester since 1960 and is now one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of pipes and tanks in reinforced plastic.

The majority of our products originate from our Veroc filament winding machines, which are in continuous operation producing GRP pipes with dimensions 500 – 2 500 mm. This Veroc method for production of pipes and tank casings is used worldwide. Over the years, Vera has accumulated significant experience of pipe and tank production. To date, they have produced, for example, far more than 1 000 km of pipes and 200 000 tanks.

Our standard products include oil and petrol tanks, mud, oil, petrol and grease separators, waste water and water tanks and customised industrial tanks, ventilation shafts, scrubbers, transport tanks, pressurised vessels, drainage vats and many other glassfibre-reinforced unsaturated polyester plastic products.


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